About this site

This site is a part of the bigger private noncommercial and educational NFO project called NFOpedia.

The purpose was to show the exceptional beauty of norwegian forest cats by example of prestigious FIFe competition winners!

We hope that it would be a great pleasure to watch them all in The Hall Of Fame.

What cats you can find here

Here you can see the cats - winners of the following competitions:

Please, take it into consideration that here you can see only pictures for which we obtained permission for publishing..

How you can help us

If you find out that the photo of your cat is missed here, please send us an image and appropriate information on winners.nfopedia@gmail.com.

We are still looking for some results of World Cat Show and Scandinavian Winner Show from previous years. The complete list is here. We would appreciate if you can send us the missed ones.

Who had his hand in making this website

Izabela Miłkowska / Una Voce - the idea, graphic and development

Andrea Pinto / Sterrekatten & Forest Myths - thanks for delivering us the information about show results and warm encouragement

Virginie Jost / de Leinoya - great photographer and webmaster with heart ready for help and with immense amount of useful information about shows, rankings and the best photos ever

Alexandra Besson / de l'Eperon - thanks to her quick and perfect translation the french version exits but we consider her kindness and constant support as the most important

Karin Winzinger / Tyberina - German version could never been done without her engagement! Her very friendly attitude towards people and great help make such projects possible! Thanks a lot :)

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We do NOT publish any picture that we were not permitted to.
The copyright of pictures of every cat on this site belongs exclusively to the owner of the cat.
Every photograph is subject to copyright laws and in consequence any publication or reproduction of the content of this site without owners’ agreement is strictly prohibited.